Front Sight Scam Or the Greatest Asset to Help Restore the Second Amendment

Front Sight Fraud?

Scam or Truth? Is Dr. Ignatius Piazza actually called the Millionaire Patriot?

Truth. Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s 300,000 students and 60,000 Lifetime Members refer to him as the Millionaire Patriot.  Not because he is a millionaire and a patriot, but because during the last 15 years Dr. Piazza has given away over 20 million dollars in discounted or free firearms training in a single-handed patriotic quest to place word class gun training in the hands of responsible citizens.  Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s lifelong  goal is to train millions of Americans to levels of expertise that surpasses military and law enforcement standards while making sure the training is done in a caring and supportive manner that is perfect for the entire family.  In the course I attended, I witnessed average Americans receiving training without any any boot camp mentality or drill instructor attitudes, and gaining skill with their weapons that surpassed the training found in police academies and military weapons training.

Scam or Truth? Has Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, with Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s Blessing, Given Away More Than 10,000 Brand New Firearms to Front Sight Students and Members?

TRUTH. Front Sight has given away more than 15,000 Brand New Firearms, including Springfield Armory XD Pistols, Glocks, AR-15’s, Tactical Shotguns, and Precision Rifles, ALL free of charge, as bonuses in a variety of gun training course offers and memberships. See as an example.

Scam or Great Philanthropy? Has Dr. Ignatius Piazza, through his involvement with Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, really given away millions of dollars in benefits and cash to non-profit organizations and selected charities across the United States?

Great Philanthropy. Dr. Ignatius Piazza, through his involvement with Front Sight, has in fact given away millions of dollars of benefits and cash to hundreds of charitable organizations and non-profits across the United States. Front Sight, under Dr. Piazza’s direction, regularly gives away Front Sight courses valued at $2,000 for charities to raffle to make money for their charitable causes. Dr. Ignatius Piazza gave the biggest money donation to JFPO’s award-winning documentary Innocents Betrayed. This hard-hitting documentary exposed gun control laws as a common denominator and precursor in every government-sponsored genocide in modern history.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza has also been responsible for dramatically increasing the lifetime memberships of several gun rights groups. California Rifle and Pistol Association, Friends of the NRA, and Gun Owners of America have all greatly benefited from Front Sight giving away a $1,000 firearms training course to any citizen who becomes a member of the pro-gun group.

Dr. Piazza was personally responsible for a 10% increase in the California Rifle and Pistol Association’s membership through Front Sight’s promotion of a free, $1,000 Two Day Handgun Course for anyone who became a life member of the California Rifle and Pistol Association. Helping Those Who Help Others

Scam or Free, At-Home Gun Training Reports? Does Front Sight actually give away Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s 15 Free Gun Training Reports simply because you subscribe to Front Sight’s newsletter list?

Free, At-Home Gun Training Reports. This is one of the many ways Front Sight under-promises and over-performs. Yes, if you subscribe to Front Sight’s newsletter, you will get 15 gun training reports written by Dr. Ignatius Piazza completely free. You will get one report every three days. After you have received the 15 Free Gun Training Reports, Dr. Piazza will then send you send 50 MORE gun training reports, about 1 per week, plus a Monday blog and will include you in some very special gun training and membership offers that will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on Front Sight Firearms Training Institute courses and memberships, still all for free. Front Sight Gun Training Reports.

Scam or Real Hard Copy, Postage Paid, Brochure and DVD? Will Front Sight Firearms Training Institute really deliver a brochure and DVD free of charge if you request it?

Real Hard Copy, Postage Paid, Brochure and DVD. Yes, it is true. If you request it, Front Sight will mail you, at its expense, Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s award winning DVD entitled, Front Sight Story, Chapter One: Your Legacy.  Dr. Piazza spent over $300,000 on it and if you are like me, you will be moved to tears with the DVD’s inspiring message and Dr. Piazza’s action plan to restore the Second Amendment by positively changing the image of gun ownership in our lifetimes.

By subscribing to Front Sight Firearms Training Institute’s free Gun Training Reports, Dr. Ignatius Piazza gives away his DVD and brochure free of charge. Front Sight mails, with postage paid, more than 6,000 brochures and DVDs each month to citizens throughout the country, all free of charge.

Front Sight Bankruptcy?