Front Sight Scam Or the Greatest Asset to Help Restore the Second Amendment

Front Sight Scam?

Scam or Shooters’ Utopia? Is Front Sight developing a firearms training enthusiast resort with 400 room hotel, condos, and RV spaces?

Shooters’ Utopia. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, backed by Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s vision and perseverance have secured a 15-year agreement with Nye County, Nevada that allows Front Sight to construct a 400-room hotel, 2,000 condos, 400 Recreational vehicle spaces and a commercial/retail mall on 500 acres of Front Sight’s property. The project has been approved and construction drawings are in progress. The hotel will likely have 100% occupancy the day it opens from Front Sight’s 300,000 students and 60,000 members because Front Sight trains more than 50,000 students every year. Currently whenever Front Sight holds a course, all the hotel rooms in the towns near Front Sight sell out. Front Sight will complete the development once it receives total funding.

Scam or Truth? Is it true that Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has never canceled any course in Front Sight’s 15-year history?

Truth. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, under Dr. Piazza’s authority has as a policy etched in stone that if a course is placed on the schedule, that course gets delivered, no matter what the enrollment numbers may be, even if Front Sight loses revenue on the course. In the first few years of Front Sight, members and students were quite surprised when they experienced Front Sight running three of four full courses of handgun students, while there were only one or two students in shotgun or rifle courses. Front Sight provided the rifle and shotgun courses as scheduled. The rifle and shotgun students essentially received “private training” in such low-enrollment courses.  The lucky students greatly appreciated it, but what impressed all the students the most was the truth that Dr. Piazza and Front Sight value their students more than money, and as such, still runs a low-enrollment courses at a financial loss to honor a promise that they would never cancel a scheduled course no matter what the enrollment may be.

Scam or Smoking Hot Discount? Do Front Sight Members save as much as 40% on pro shop accessories, including ammunition at Front Sight?

Smoking Hot Discount. Yes, there are Front Sight Memberships that include as a benefit of the membership a discount in the pro shop of up to 40% off retail pricing.

Scam or Truth? Was Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, through Dr. Piazza’s actions, instrumental in getting Las Vegas Hotel Casinos to give concealed firearms to their executive security personnel?

Truth. Through a personal contact of Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s, and with Front Sight training the Security Chief of one of largest hotels in Las Vegas, Front Sight was instrumental in changing a long standing policy of Las Vegas Strip Hotel Casinos having unarmed security personnel.  After Front Sight’s influence and training, Las Vegas Strip Hotels armed their plainclothes security personnel.

Scam or Friend of Pilots and Passengers? Was Front Sight a driving force in successfully arming airline pilots after 9-11?

Friend of Pilots and Passengers. The day after 9-11, Dr. Ignatius Piazza sent a press release to all major media sources demanding that pilots be armed to protect the flight deck. He backed up his demand with an offer to train any commercial pilots free of charge, if allowed to carry a gun in the cockpit. Dr. Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight continued to pound away at the government with several national press releases, TV and radio advertisements, and grass roots e-mail  campaigns demanding pilots be armed and trained.

Front Sight gave away free firearms training to pilots, pilot association representatives, and legislators to teach them the benefits of armed and trained pilots. Dr. Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight were a major force in the passing of the Federal Flight Deck Officer Law that paved the way for pilots to be armed through the Federal Flight Deck Officer program.

Scam or Industry Dominance? Does Front Sight Firearms Training Institute routinely train more students in a single weekend than other major schools train in a year?

Industry Dominance. With 24 ranges, an 8300 square foot classroom, and ever-expanding group of well-trained, professional instructors, Front Sight is capable of effortlessly and expertly training upwards of 1,000 students per day, with each student receiving all the personal attention needed to improve dramatically through a two day or four day gun training course. With courses running over the weekend and now also offering mid-week courses, Front Sight regularly trains 400 to 1,200 students per week. The closest competitor to Front Sight trains roughly 1000 students per year.

Scam or Industry Leader? Does Front Sight Firearms Training Institute have the best instructional staff in the firearms training industry?

Industry Leader. Front Sight’s Instructor Development program takes retired law enforcement, military, and NRA instructors, along with students who have taken Front Sight courses and places them through 4 days of intense instructor development where gun handling, marksmanship, and instructional skills are brought up to the absolute highest standards in the firearms training industry. Once an instructor graduates from Front Sight’s Instructor Development Course, the training does not stop. Front Sight instructors and line coaches continue receiving instructor training blocks every day that they work at Front Sight until they are able to secure the much-sought-after title of Front Sight Range Master.  A Front Sight Range Master must demonstrate in the courses he or she teaches, on demand and at full speed, with 100% accuracy, all the gun handling, shooting techniques and lecture materials of the courses they are Range Master-certified to instruct. Without question, this level of instructor training, ongoing training, and performance-on-demand is the highest standard in the firearms training industry. The result is Front Sight collectively having a world class, firearms training instructional staff that is second to none.

Front Sight Fraud?