Front Sight Scam Or the Greatest Asset to Help Restore the Second Amendment

Scam Definition

Look up the word “scam” in a dictionary and you will find:


Verb – 1. Deprive of by deceit; “He tried to scam me out of my money”; “She scammed the clients who hired her”; “the car salesman scammed me into buying a lemon.”
2. Cheat someone by not returning what was promised.
Synonyms: Con, Defraud, Goldbrick, Gyp, Hornswoggle, Mulct, Nobble, Rook, Swindle, Short-change, Victimize, Ripoff, Cheat.

Noun – 1. A fraudulent business scheme.
2. The act of swindling by some fraudulent scheme; “that advertisement is a scam”.
Synonyms: Cozenage, Swindle, Cheat, Rig, Ripoff.

Scam or Historically Correct? Did Front Sight Firearms Training Institute with Dr. Ignatius Piazza at the helm offer a free Uzi Sub Gun Course to more than 21,000 students?

Historically Correct. From 1997 through 1999 Front Sight Firearms Training Institute delivered a one day Uzi Submachine Gun Course where Dr. Piazza gave all the classroom lectures, live fire demonstrations and Front Sight provided the training, the use of the submachine gun, several hundred rounds of ammo for every student, breakfast and lunch — all free of charge. This special, Free Subgun Course was created by Dr. Piazza to introduce students to Front Sight and allow them to experience the quality of Front Sight’s curriculum and instructional staff. At a cost, at the time, of over $650,000, Front Sight purchased 250, fully transferable Uzi submachine guns to fully comply with all ATF Federal Firearms Laws.  By doing so,  Front Sight legally allowed private citizens to receive the thrill of not only shooting a  submachine gun, but also become expert in the loading, reloading, clearing malfunctions, trigger control, and fully automatic operation of the Uzi subgun.  The ammunition purchased for the free training courses was brand new 9mm ammo and was purchased in the bucket loads! Front Sight offered the Free Subgun Courses without hidden costs,  catches, clauses or surprises. More than 21,000 people took advantage of the free, Uzi subgun training courses. Most of the people who visited Front Sight to take the free, one day courses have in fact come back to Front Sight with their family and friends, gladly paying to take more Front Sight Firearms Training Institute courses. At the course I recently attended, there were students who, in the early days of Front Sight actually attended the free subgun course and still rave about the Free Submachine Gun Course as being one of the greatest experiences of their lives and undoubtedly the greatest free event ever in the history of firearms training.

Scam or Great Value? Does Front Sight Firearms Training Institute offer Training Memberships that Allow You to Attend Courses as Many Times as You Wish for as Long as You Wish ?

Great Value. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, under Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s oversight, has given students the opportunity to purchase lifetime training memberships since 1997. A spectrum of memberships that allow a student to get a lifetime of training for the absolute least amount of money is available from basic memberships to all-inclusive memberships. Dr. Piazza created Front Sight lifetime memberships to give members a specific set of courses they can attend as many times as they want for as long as they want—essentially for the rest of their lives.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza once told a group of students at one of his free submachine gun courses, “I spent over $50,000 dollars of my own money traveling all over the country to gain a level of expertise with firearms that gave me the credentials and experience to open the finest firearms training facility in the world. I then created the lifetime membership program so my students would NOT have to pay $50,000 to learn what I learned. The lifetime memberships are the greatest value in the firearms training industry.”

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is also well known to offer its members some outrageous additional benefits and upgrades free of charge or at hard to believe, discounted costs simply to thank the members for their support of Front Sight and help in Front Sight’s expansion. Front Sight has over 60,000 lifetime members and has trained nearly 300,000 students from all across the country.

Front Sight Scam?